The Exchange is set to be the trendiest place to live in the new Braamfontein area!

10May, 2018

To date, sales have exceeded our expectations, with phase 1 & 2 being sold out!We will be launching the  final phases of our development on the weekend of the 12th & 13th of May 2018.

Exciting things happening at The Exchange

  • The anticipated occupation date is mid June 2018.
  • The guardhouse is nearing completion
  • All car parks and paving are being levelled and redone
  • The building facade has been undergoing a grand scale clean-up
  • Lighting and landscaping are progressing, but have been hindered somewhat by heavy rain
Exchange lofts, the oldest communications hub in Johannesburg

Here’s a quick peek at what’s happening in the neighbourhood

  • The Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA) has awarded a grant to the campaigned “Streets Alive” project. This will benefit the immediate areas surrounding The Exchange and will entail improvements to the roads, pavements and walkways. The JDA has been on site, and is involved in the planning of this exciting project.
  • A lease has been secured on the historical buildings on Solomon Street, and we are in the process of revamping and securing trendy commercial tenants in this space.
  • We have secured in the region of 15 vacant sites in the area, and efforts to clean out and fence off these vulnerable open spaces is under way, along with the donation of aid to the adjacent church and community centre so that it is able to better assist its congregation and community. All of this adds value to the community and delivers a positive urban lifestyle for all residents.
  • The Public Rail Association Of South Africa (PRASA) has short listed three development proposals to fully upgrade the existing Smit Street Train Station. This will be an exciting upgrade for commuters, as well as a valuable upliftment of the general area.
  • The UDZ Tax incentive certificate has been granted by the City of Johannesburg, and is now available. This will enable owners of lifestyle lofts to claim the tax write off when renting the units, as advertised.
  • The Corridors of Freedom rates rebate has been lodged, and is in the process of being finalised by the City of Johannesburg.
  • The developers have acquired the old Brenner’s Toyota dealership opposite Sturrock Park Sports Grounds, on Solomon St/Annet Rd, and are in the final stages of concluding a deal to develop a new filling station and convenience store on this land.

To conclude, The Exchange forms part of a development which is setting a trend for other developers to take advantage of the opportunities and build within this booming area. The collective of developers aim to ensure buyers feel secure that they are buying into an area where like-minded developers and tenants are building a positive community.

Thank you for your valued support & we look forward to welcoming you soon
The Exchange Team