Caffeine Junkies unite

23September, 2016

You know who you are…. those of you who can’t make it through a morning without your trusty cup of joe… those of you who don’t even own a personality until the caffeine buzz hits your veins. We see you…

But we hear you too. Jo’burg’s trendy Braamfontein neighbourhood is JUST the place to go for a genuine caffeine fix. Check out these top spots to still the craving.

For heavenly coffee roasted on site, Bean There is South Africa’s first roaster of Certified Fairtrade coffee. Located at 44 Stanley Shopping precinct, Bean There sources its single origin unblended coffee from Rwanda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Kenya. The minimalist decor of the store is perfect for savouring the flavour and the smell of freshly roasted beans is heavenly.

Father, on 73 Juta Street, Braamfontein unashamedly boast that their sole purpose is to serve the best coffee in Jozi. Admittedly, they serve a mean cup of Joe, and roast their own beans too. The coffee shop is full of coffee paraphernalia, making it a great spot to sit back and absorb the backwards and forwards of inner city life.

Doubleshot Coffee and Tea, also located in Braamfontein, ranks high on the list of Joburg’s favourite spots to grab a quick takeaway on your way to work or during a lunch break. Since they roast their own coffee beans, this comforting aroma will no doubt draw you in as you rub shoulders with Joburg’s business people, students and creatives alike. 1 Peppermint Place, car Juta and Melle Streets, Braamfontein.