Corridors of Freedom


Corridors of Freedom Project

The Exchange echoes the creed of the Corridors of Freedom project, inline with the Joburg 2040 Growth and Development Strategy. Since the borders of the development fall within the demarcated “Corridors of Freedom” area, buyers may qualify for a reduction in property rates.

The City of Johannesburg has created a spatial plan for the city, in line with the Joburg 2040 Growth and Development Strategy. The basis of this plan is transport-orientated development. As such, the plan is to create ‘transport arteries’ throughout the city termed ‘Corridors of Freedom’, which will be linked to interchanges and further housing/retail areas. The plan is for Jozi inhabitants to make greater use of public transport on offer, rather than private motorised transport means.

Entrenched settlement patterns which have pushed most residents to the outskirts of the city, will be transformed by the Corridors of Freedom. This will hopefully enable easier access to their places of work and other communal areas in the city centre. The days of rising before dawn to catch a train, bus or taxi to places of work will be long gone, and the vision is for enriched family time, sharing meals and being together after working hours.

Corridors of freedom. The Exchange Lofts Braamfontein. Rediscover Urban living.

According to the joburg.org website, The Corridors of Freedom will usher a new era of access to opportunity and a choice for residents to work, stay and play within the same space, without the inconvenience and high costs of travelling long distances every day.

Since the Exchange development is well located close to Rea Vaya bus routes, (there is a bus stop for Route 66 from Sanlam to Sophiatown at the corner of Enoch Sontonga and Solomon streets), access to this Corridor will give residents freedom of movement as well as economic freedom – hopefully liberating the city dwellers from outdated spatial strategies which left many communities marginalised, and without access to public transport.

The transport arteries are linked to mixed development nodes with high density accommodation supported by office buildings, retail developments and opportunities for retail and leisure.
The development is within the demarcated area identified as the Corridors of Freedom and may qualify buyers to a reduction or holiday period on Property Rates.
Full details to follow once confirmation has been received from JHB council.

Corridors of freedom. The Exchange Lofts Braamfontein. Rediscover Urban living.