Urban renewal projects in Braamfontein to create a safer, more vibrant space for residents.

Urban renewal projects in Braamfontein to create a safer, more vibrant space for residents.

Urban renewal projects in Braamfontein to create a safer, more vibrant space for residents.

3December, 2018

Urban initiatives being launched around The Exchange will enhance the security and community spirit of Braamfontein, and drive value for investors in the development.

Braamfontein is an up-and-coming suburb on Johannesburg’s doorstep. The area is currently going through a period of urban renewal and offers exciting opportunities for early investors. One such opportunity is The Exchange, a new development offering 129 voluminous and contemporary loft apartments.

While the development itself has state-of-the-art security measures in place, investors are understandably concerned about the broader Braamfontein area and its infrastructure. For this reason, The Exchange’s developers are delighted that the Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA) has announced a number of initiatives underway in the area to enhance the security of all residents and to continue to drive the growth of Braamfontein.

The Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA) had presented an opportunity for relevant locations within the inner city to propose initiatives that would benefit their community and infrastructure. One of the eight proposals that was approved by the JDA is “Streets Alive”, an initiative that aims to improve the immediate areas in and around The Exchange. This project has been given the green light and is in the final phase of planning.

It incorporates three phases, the first of which is to encourage the use of pedestrian areas by upgrading the pavements, installing pedestrian lighting, erecting signage, putting in street furniture and planting trees and other plants to green the area. Phase two and three will involve the upgrade of existing council assets, including the Vrededorp Swimming pool and the public park and sports area.

Exchange lofts, the oldest communications hub in Johannesburg

This is good news for Braamfontein and for The Exchange, as it will bring about regeneration of the broader area and benefit the community of the suburb as well. Exchange residents, who will be part of that community, already have the opportunity to take part in a vibrant inner-city lifestyle. This opportunity will be augmented by walkable streets and usable public spaces right on their doorstep – in addition to the greenery of the Enoch Sontonga Memorial Park, which the development privately accesses on the other side.

The “Streets Alive” focus area is currently the site of a number of other prospective positive upliftment measures, which include; the renovation and letting of buildings on Solomon St to trendy commercial tenants, cleaning out and fencing off of vulnerable open spaces, and the donation of aid to the church and community centre so that it is able to better assist its congregation and community. All of this adds value to the community and delivers a positive urban lifestyle for all residents.

The Exchange is part of a collective development called the Braamfontein Lifestyle Living Precinct, along with Sontonga Lofts and Post Lofts, which collaborate to address social and infrastructural issues in the neighbourhood. Together, they are setting a trend for other developers to take advantage of the opportunities and build within this booming area. The collective aims to make buyers feel secure that they are buying into an area where like-minded developers and tenants are building a positive community.

The Exchange is located near the vibey 44 Stanley Avenue development within the old Johannesburg telephone exchange building – hence the name. The building was gutted and renovated to develop the 127 apartments, with lavish open spaces with abundant natural light and modern finishes.

Its contemporary aesthetic combined with artefacts of the building that once was, make it an appealing destination for style-conscious investors, while it’s convenient location and access to major transport routes make it the ideal residential location for young professionals.

The Exchange’s developers are committed to the renewal of Braamfontein, and believe that the vibrant area will become one of Johannesburg’s most sought-after property investment destinations in the coming years, due to its convenience, urban lifestyle offering, and the aesthetic of the older buildings carried into the 21st century with modern design and finishes. The fact that other developers and government agencies have a similar commitment to the area means that these initiatives are sure to stick, and Braamfontein will continue to rise.